I don't know why, but juvenile fish fascinate me. No, I'm not some sicko, just a diver who is intrigued by the outrageous colors these little creatures sometimes display. Juvenile yellow-tail damselfish are probably one of my two or three favorite fish in the sea; I can't think of any small fish which is more brightly colored, or more captivating to see. I saw dozens of them at Roatan, but none of them cooperated with my camera. This guy, on the other hand, let me take about 4 or 5 pictures of him over a five-minute span, and finally, I got a "keeper." Now if the Aquashot just had a longer lens available for it! :-) This image is an enlargement and crop-job of a very small portion of the actual print.

Photographer: Dave Read
Location: West Flower Gardens Bank
Depth: 75'
Film: Fuji 400 (Fuji QuickSnap Disposable Camera)
Equipment: Ikelite Aquashot w/Strobe and water correcting lens
Subject: Juvenile Yellow-tail Damselfish