This little guy caught my eye because he was free-swimming during the day.  When I first saw it, I thought I had seen a cuttlefish. Never having actually seen one, I swam over and discovered that my 'cuttlefish' was actually an octopus. As I fumbled with the camera, he found a little coral cave and started scooting away from me. I had time for only one shot, which thankfully turned out OK. I think if I had had more time, I would have tried turning the whole camera rig upside-down so that the strobe would come from the right rather than the left, which would have eliminated some of the harsh shadows, and might possibly have reached a little farther into the cave. Oh well; maybe next time!

Photographer: Dave Read
Location: West Flower Gardens Bank
Depth: 75'
Film: Fuji 400 (Fuji QuickSnap Disposable Camera)
Equipment: Ikelite Aquashot w/Strobe and water correcting lens
Subject: Octopus