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Peanut's Page

Peanut is the newest member of our family, and only temporary. We are acting as a foster home for her until the local chapter of Greyhound Pets of America can find a home for her.

Greyhound racing may look like fun, but the dogs who race are often horribly mistreated. It's rare to find a track which mistreats their current racers (after all, they're a valuable commodity), but when a dog's racing days are done, frequently so are all of its days. Tracks have been known to slaughter their retired greyhounds by whatever is cheapest and easiest at the time. Humane euthanasia is quite uncommon at racing tracks; knives, guns, starvation, clubbing...these are the methods used to kill all too many of these graceful, loyal, trusting animals.

My wife and I can't do as much as we'd like to help the greyhounds, but we're doing what we can. Right now we're providing a transition home for retired dogs, a place for them to learn how to live in a home with people.

You can help, too. Adopt a greyhound, and find out for yourself how loving and loyal they are. If you can't commit to adopting a greyhound permanently, contact your local greyhound adoption agency (Greyhound Pets of America, Greyhound Rescue, and The Greyhound Project are just three of many such groups), and offer to foster a dog for a few weeks or months. The adoption groups are always in need of people to help out in lots of different ways. Anything you can do will be appreciated, I assure you.

Links to Greyhound pages:

The best place to start, if you're interested in helping, is with The Greyhound Project's adoption sources page.

Other general Greyhound pages:

Pictures of Peanut

I finally have some pictures of Peanut ("Nutter Butter" or just "Nutter" as we call her).  She's quite playful, and kind of a spaz when it comes to getting attention.  She loves to chase after Butler when he's catching frisbees.

Peanut poses (50381 bytes)

Peanut if profile (46823 bytes)

Nutter and Butler wrestle for a disc (46908 bytes)

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