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Dylan's Big Day

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December 7, 1999 Austin, TX (Reuter's) Dylan McArthur Read made his debut tonight at 10:45 pm at Renaissance Women's Center in the Austin neighborhood of Westlake Hills.   Future supermodel girlfriends, the Atlanta Braves, and the Nobel committee have all already expressed interest in one-on-one interviews with the "little fella."

After 19 hours of labor, which started at 4 am and ended with two and a half hours of "pushing," proud and exhausted mother Annemarie delivered an 8-pound, 4-ounce screaming baby, who was red-faced and open-mouthed.  Dylan's father, Dave, looked on in astonishment, although several witnesses described his countenance as that of a "deer caught in the headlights."  He was later observed to be "high fiving" his wife and muttering the phrase "it's Miller time."

Witnesses included the newborn's paternal grandmother, Martha Orr, who, when told that she was wearing the world's biggest "shit-eating grin," promptly chastised the father of her grandson not to use strong language around the baby.  To date, father and grandmother have not come to blows over who gets to hold the baby.

The proud papa has already discovered that babies can cry longer than he can stand to let them cry, that even 12-hour-old infant boys have uncanny "aim," and that there are few things more satisfying that sleeping with your child sprawled across your chest.  He is eagerly awaiting whatever else he can learn from his son.

As for the son, every person in the delivery room had the good taste to agree, at least until they were out of earshot of the new mother, that Dylan is the most beautiful baby ever born.  Certainly his fleeting grin and dazzling blue eyes helped all observers to reach that conclusion.

All participants have returned home, healthy and happy.  Regular feedings and diaper changings are now in progress.  Stay tuned for further reports.

onscale.jpg (15766 bytes)
Dylan weighs in with his opinion
(3.74 kg = 8lbs, 4oz).

anne-after.jpg (19421 bytes)
Elated and relieved, Annemarie beams a smile

grandmom.jpg (17374 bytes)
Grandma checks out the newborn

dave-n-dylan.jpg (12537 bytes)
Dad thinks "this doesn't suck."

dylan-wail.jpg (17518 bytes)
Dylan thinks "I'm not so sure about that."

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