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Guidelines for posting SPUD comments

I really wish I didn't have to make this page, but I feel like I do. So:

The "comments" feature of the SPUD project is intended to allow SPUD photographers to learn from the pictures they post here. Think of it as an online peer critiquing facility. With that in mind, please follow these guidelines when posting comments.

  • Do not post unnecessarily rude or harsh comments. Remember that the idea is to help your fellow photographer, not bash him or her.
  • "Great picture" is not a helpful comment.
  • "Gack! What a POS!" is not a helpful comment.
  • Specific observations are helpful. "I like the way you lit the subject from the side" is an example of a helpful comment. "Too much backscatter -- try lighting from a steeper angle" is another example. Comments don't all have to be positive -- but remember what I said about helping your fellow photographer.
  • Feel free to ask questions of the photographer, hold back-and-forth conversations, etc.
  • You don't have to leave a "rating" with your comment. If you want to leave a comment with no rating, just don't click on a rating number. Your comment will be recorded with "n/a" for the rating.
  • NO ADVERTISING! Ads will be deleted and the person posting the ad will be permanently banned from further posting.

Please do make use of the comment feature. I think it will be helpful to all photographers who visit the site and/or contribute their pictures to the project.



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