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Scuba Picture Uv the Day

The Scuba Picture Uv the Day (SPUD) is a gallery of underwater pictures, displayed one per day. Bookmark this page and come back here every day to see a new picture!

Scuba Picture Uv the Day for 1/20/2004

Branching Yellow Tube Sponge
Taken 9/9/03 at Oro Verde, Georgetown, Grand Cayman.
Oly C5050 w/o flash
1/60 sec f4.0 ISO 64 F/L 7.1mm

Alterations: This image has been re-sized from 2560x1920 to 600x450 and sharpened.
Photo by Peter Foerst
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I'd love to display your picture as the Scuba Picture Uv the Day! Just email me the picture and I'll get it in the queue. Please send me JPEG files only, saved as "high" or "medium" quality, preferably resized to 600x400 pixels. If none of that means anything to you, shoot me an email and I'll explain it.


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